This cooking series includes tips and techniques on how to master the basics and improve your cooking skills.

Ricotta cheese is a rich, creamy and snowy white cheese, that can be made with just 3-ingredients. Learn how to make this cheese at home.

Learn how to cook pasta perfectly with step-by-step pictures. Follow these steps and you’ll never end up with too mushy or too hard pasta.

Learn how to make cream cheese at home with just 2-ingredients. Soft, creamy and mild-tasting fresh cheese is perfect for any sweet or savoury dish.

Learn how to cook white rice in a pot. Follow these 5-steps (with pictures) and get perfectly cooked, fluffy and non-sticky basmati rice every time.

Learn how to cook brown rice perfectly every time with this easy-to-make recipe. So what are you waiting for? Start your weight loss journey with this fibrous and nutritious recipe.

Homemade no-yeast bread recipe made without eggs and it doesn’t involve kneading or proofing. Hence it’s an absolutely easy bread that you can make under 1 hour.

Learn how to make paneer from scratch with just 2-ingredients. Try this easy recipe and make soft and tender paneer at home.

Learn how to make yogurt or curd at home with step-by-step pictures. You will need just 2-ingredients to make this rich and creamy homemade yogurt.