Motichoor Parfait With Chhena
<10 min,  Dessert,  Vegetarian

Motichoor Parfait With Chhena

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If you are looking for some quick and easy Indian dessert recipes for Raksha Bandhan. Then try this motichoor parfait recipe!

This is a no-bake/no-cook dessert recipe that you can easily make at home within just 5 minutes. For this recipe, you will need some motichoor/motichur ladoo, chhena, green cardamon powder and sugar.

Motichoor Parfait With Chhena

Prep Time: 5 min

Serves: 3 people


5 motichur ladoo/laddu

1 cup chhena

ΒΌ cup powdered/icing sugar

A pinch of green cardamon powder

2-3 almonds, chopped


In a bowl, add the motichur ladoo. With the help of a fork, break all the ladoos.

Combine chhena, powdered sugar and green cardamom powder. Blend until smooth.

Transfer the chhena paste to a piping bag (with a star nozzle).

Pipe a layer of chhena paste into shot glasses. Then add a layer of motichur ladoo.

Keep repeating the layers until you reach the top.

Garnish with chopped almonds.

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